Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Monday, September 27, 2010

Feeling is such a weird thing

How do we have feeling for things and people? Why do we have different feeling towards different people? Is it because of the appearance that causes us to have such a vast different towards all things in the world?

I used to judge people by their look when I was young, and I realized that we all really need to judge people by their heart, and their thinking. But as I grow older, I start to understand the important of such stuff, as in we people do think differently and we have to accept everyones' idea. Just like in science, a thing or idea is never wrong unless you prove that it is. So we can't judge a person or an idea unless we know that the person or idea is wrong too.

But I'm really curious that why do I have such a different feeling towards different people, I understand that I'm being unfair and is wrong to do so. But I still react in this particular manner, is it because of I do not believe in that idea of mine, that's why I am reacting this way.

Friday, August 6, 2010

as long as majority agreeds its right

There are a lot of times, that our feeling tells us that what we are doing is correct. But its because that the majority thinks otherwise, that we starts to doubt what we believed in.

Things from buying accessories to how we evaluate a person are always so closely related to "majority's" view and assumption. Even if we ourselves believe in the value of what we see, but due peer pressure, society views that we often changes our perspective to "suit" what it is being "categorized" as "correct" value of that particular object.

Recently a friend of mine is troubled that an old man is like wooing her, as she feel that he is simply too old for him, and i can sense that she is thinking that why would a old man be wooing her a young lady?

To me, I explained to her that love had no reasons and age. Few years back, an young girl that is underage told me that she likes me. But I merely tease her that she is just my "mei mei" and we became friends. The age gaps remains, but yet when a younger lady is to like an older man, you will think that its fine. But if we were to apply this on the opposite sex, then the older man will be the shameless party.

Is there a really a "shameless" word in love? Or is it the views of the society that makes you think that the older man is trying to date someone like his daughter?

Life is really something that had so many meanings, and it all depends on what view you are looking at.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mask that we all have...

Recently I have just realized something in my life, and I'm actually extremely surprised with the answer that I've justed found out. All of us, I believe have a mask, and that mask is not for protection, nor for hiding scars.

For me, I realized that this mask, is nothing but just like a hologram where we are showing things that we want ourselves to be in.

Its like, you are unset, you will show it out. But if you feel that showing "upset" it will affect other people, and a mask of "un-upset" be used. I'm trying to say, this mask is for the sole purpose of what other people wants themselves to be like because they think that it is an ideal human that they would want to be.

Thus, this mask that we are saying is not actually a mask, its more like a transition phase of what people would want themselves to be like. Just like a butterfly, they are all wearing a thick layer of heavy and ugly shell, before they can be evolved into a beautiful butterfly.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its so happy to see kids laughing.

Its really such an enjoyment to see a kid laughing, it feels so free and so happy for them you know. Maybe its because I feel that their laughter is so pure, its like all their facial expression is translated directed from their heart. You don't have the stress of doubting their emotion.

Is it true that kids are so simple, so easy to fulfill their desire? Or is it the adults that are being so complicated, greedy and sophisticate. Even thought the adults hate to be so, but their simply can't get back to those days that they have started so simple, so freely and so happily. Growing up and fulfilling empty needs, that the society wants us to be and not want we really want to be is like us being robots. Wanting to do something we dream of, but in the end most of us ended up just following the control of want the society wants us to do.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Holding onto...

For the past 23 years, I think that holding onto your ideas and dreams firmly in your own hands is the most important thing that I should do in my life. And just a few seconds ago, something changed my perspective.

Holding onto something, no matter is it a person, a thought, a dream or an idea is nothing but a finish line for me. Just like any other person, without a dream or goal, I do not know what I should do, or be heading to. Thus I always find challenges for myself, to beat it, to achieve it so that I could improve me as a person. To complete my poly life with no regret, to come into university no matter what, to get a degreed. This are my hopes as I wish to be a useful person.

To sing, to win competition, to be in a performing group, to go out and perform to public, to be recognized by people. I guess I have done it, but I have somehow given it up due to some reasons.

To be an officer, to be the highest of what I can get, to hold onto that sword that I have always respected, to be able to control tens and hundreds of people, to be respected not by your rank but by your personality and charisma, is my goal for the first 20 years of my life. Like a young boy, I wished that people would identify me, and recognized me not by my achievement, but by what I really am. And I am glad that I have done it as well.

But still I am not happy with what I am right now. I feel lonely in the night, I can't seem to find a true me. My heart tells me that my dream is to be a singer, to stand on the stage, people smiling and nodding at your talent and voice. But reality tells me that I can be more useful in society then just singing.

What should I do? I is just one word by itself, signifying individuality. But what this world that I am living in talks about society, globalization, where all of us have to work as one. Not for personal gain nor satisfaction, but for the sake of everyone that is living on this world.

I am not someone great, I just what to do what I dream of to sing. But how successful can I be as compare as being a engineer? Can a word "I" be more successful then what the word "society" wants you to be? Holding onto your dreams?

Friday, July 2, 2010


Recently I've seen a documentary on 2012. On the surface, it seems like 2012 dec 12 is nothing but the lineament of the sun, earth and center of our galaxy, once every 25 800year.

But there are some people claims that it marks the end of the world. For example, the Maryann calendar "mexica sun stone or Aztec " is the origin of the end of the world at 2012 dec 12. As the calendar ends on that particular date.

Mayan is one of the earliest civilization in the world(around 2000BC - 250AD ), it is situated in Mexico. Record says that it is a strong civilization, but suddenly disappear. There was no reason/record that why they disappear. Their knowledge in astronomy was so advance that they have calculated that the lineament of the sun, earth and center of galaxy 3000years ago! While our technology only allow us to know of this date just a few years ago.

In the Aztec calendar, has an inter lock of lunar, solar and planetary calendar. "ku na ku" is what they call it as end of world. That the world will end and restore for 5 times. It is believe that 2012 will be the 5th time that this world will end and restore itself. But do take note, like what we see in an calendar, it always end on dec 31 every year. So similarly the Aztec says that it ends on 2012 dec 12, always means that the calendar restarts again. And no necessary means the end as in doomsday.

Just for you to know, do leave some notes on what you think about it. But please, this are still future which no one will knows about it. Please don't draw a firm line based on what you see, and not yet happen :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

trying to cheer up a friend...

Today my friend throw me a question "If there is the right one for me, then why have I been meeting up with the wrong ones?"

I didn't reply her at all, as I was watching my World Cup 2010 matches. But when I came back to my computer, I saw her went offline, so I posted this on her fb, "do u believe our existence on earth is a compass of events carefully being calculated and planed or simply a string of random events that just happen for no other reason? Why among all the planets only ours have the perfect condition for us to life in? Why in our life there are so many people comes and goes? Does it all happen for a reason? or just happen for no reason at all? "

Well life is really something miracle, because it is something that we can never and ever understand. Can you tell me what all of us are born to do? We can't! Someone once told me that god had already written everyones' fate, meaning there is an expected path for all of us to take in the eyes of god. But it depends on the human themselves to choose if they would want to follow "the god's" fate or to follow their own will.

This sort of things, we can't prove it exist or not, we never will. Just like how our solar system is being created, how the universe is being created. Are all of them being created for some purpose? Who created it for that particular purpose? Or does it just happen, because of it simply just happen to do so?

Just like me, I am someone that thinks alot, but I do not allow anyone to know I am. I just want people to know that I am that cliche dude, because this weird thinking of mine, people do not understand, and do not even care. Thats why I'm always being mistaken by others, for who I am not.

So, if you are reading this, I do thank you for spending your precious moments here. But can you just tell me, in your view, does all of us exist due to some meaning & reason? or does it just happen because it just happen?